Northbay Home Care

Northbay Home Care

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About Our Agency

North Bay Home Care is a licensed home care agency. We have $1,000,000 liability insurance, as well as a surety bond. Our registered caregivers work professionally to accommodate your home care needs. All of them have undergone a thorough criminal check under the state of California.

To say that we take pride in what we do is an understatement. We find fulfillment in seeing our clients happy and confident in our service.

Meet Our Owner

Passion for Service

In the fall of 1996, Elizabeth V. Jarema and her young family moved to the United States from Fiji. It was here where she got involved with church, community, and her children’s school services and projects for many years.

Elizabeth began taking classes at a nearby university in 2008 when her fifth and youngest son entered first grade. Always the compassionate person, she wanted to share her love to every human being. Soon, she got involved in a number of projects including two Fiji Humanitarian Expeditions.

For her, working around diverse groups of people and conditions is the ideal working environment.

All in the Family

The idea behind North Bay Home Care stems from years of visiting family members (she and her family lived out of the state) who take pride in working as caregivers all over the Bay Area. She would always hear them talk about the joy of taking care of their clients and the sadness they go through when a client passes on. In their mind and heart, clients were family as well.

In 2014, Elizabeth moved to the Bay Area. With the goal of starting her own home care business, she began working as a care provider the day after turning in her last paper to earn a degree in behavioral science.

Her experience in working with a number of home care agencies and as a private care provider has given her a wealth of knowledge to start her own agency. So, after working as a caregiver over the last two years, she did not think twice about it.

At North Bay Home Care, she can implement what she has learned and work on things that need improvement for the welfare of clients.